Road Construction and Maintenance!

When it comes to building roads, think Bleco Group. We supply all the right equipment to cut, clear, and build roads according to the engineering specifications. We can cut, slope, and level the road as required. We also have the right equipment and technical know-how to maintain roads. From ditching to removing bush from roadsides, we can handle it all. We can also install culverts and divert waterways. Need gravel or crushed granite for road construction? Contact us and we’ll deliver it. We also provide dust control and cause minimum disruption to the ongoing traffic. With our grading services, we remove washboard, ruts, and holes. We also provide culvert steaming and cleaning to prevent washout and road flooding. Our experts will help maintain water crossings with culverts, bridges, etc. For all types of road construction and maintenance services, contact us and we’ll help you out.



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